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Lucky Draw winners for our Nedbank XC0 and XC1

Thank you to all riders who have taken part in the Nedbank XC Series so far! Below we have the winners of the lucky draw prizes from both the Nedbank XC0 and Nedbank XC1 C1 & UCI Junior Series XCO.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Mannie’s Bike Mecca and CYMOT  for their support both with the tech zones as well as the lucky draw prizes.

Mannie’s Bike Mecca was the tech zone sponsor at both the Nedbank XC0 and XC1 and CYMOT was the tech zone sponsor at the Nedbank XC1. Thank you to our local shops for keeping the wheels turning!

If you have won a prize, you can claim it at the next XC race taking place on 24 April (Nedbank XC2). More lucky draw prizes to be won at every race!!!


Lehan Badenhorst  N$ 500  Cymot

Arthur Allain  N$ 100  Cymot

Cari v/d Westhuizen N$ 150 Cymot

Michael Raad N$ 150 Cymot

Phillip Papendiek N$ 100 Cymot

Franjo Steenkamp N$ 100 Cymot

Mike Baartman Jnr N$ 150 Cymot

Claudia Suren  N$ 250 Cymot

Mike Baartman Snr N$ 150 Cymot

Hans du Toit N$ 100 Cymot

Ethan l’EstrangeN$ 250 Cymot


Marion Schoneke  N$ 400 MBM

Monique du Plessis N$ 400 MBM

Fanie Steenkamp N$ 400 MBM

Niels Serrer N$ 400 MBM

Julius Braun N$ 400 MBM

Marco Thiel N$ 400 MBM

Ada Kahl N$ 400 MBM

Cuan Ahrnes N$ 400 MBM

Micah Chase N$ 400 MBM

Luke Coomer N$ 400 MBM


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