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Mountain Biker of the Year Award



The Big Five
Mountain Biker of the Year Award (for members of the R & R Club only)

Races / Series that must be completed in order to be considered for the prize are:

  • Nedbank XC Series (best three races)
  • FNB Otjihavera Experience (total time) on 02 and 03 September ‘23
  • Marathons  – see the details below
  • XCM Nationals (time) on 21 October ‘23
  • R & R Marathon (time) on 30 September ‘23


  • Up to under 14 (boys and girls)
  • Up to under 18 (boys and girls)
  • Elite (incl under 23) (men and women)
  • Sub Vets and Vets (men & women)
  • Master and Grand Master (men and women)
  • Best Social Rider (men and women)

To be considered for this prestigious prize, riders must comply with the following rules:

  • Riders must be members of the R & R Mountain Bike Club in order to qualify for the award;
  • The best time across all races listed above will determine the winners in their respective categories;
  • XC Series: Riders must cycle in their age categories, i.e the times that riders cycle in the marathon category will not be considered;
  • Marathons / Half Marathons (excludes R & R Marathon as it is a separate criteria): U 14 and u 16 must ride the half marathon distances while all other riders must cycle the marathon of the following races:
    • G&D West Coast MTB on 09 April ‘23
    • Paratus Cycle Classic MTB on 07 October ‘23
  • Otjihavera: the team result will be used.
  • Where all the riders in one of the categories indicated above have not completed all the required races, then the R & R Executive Committee will consider the criteria necessary to determine a winner;
  • Riders may not be guilty of any misconduct during the year;
  • Social Riders: defined as those who do not participate in their age categories in the XC Series and Marathons, i.e only ride half marathon distances.

To be announced.
The decisions of the judges, being the prevailing R & R Executive Committee will be final.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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