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Nedbank XCO National Championship – SUNDAY 12 July 2020 Don’t forget to enter for this weekend’s Nedbank XCO National Championship – SUNDAY 12 July…

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How to add a child member / race register a child member

Download our user guide: RockandRut_how to enter a child member _ race register a child…

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Entries for the Nedbank XC on 04 July 2020 are open

We are slowly returning back to a “new normal”  First of all let us thank…

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Results for Nedbank XC – 20 June 2020

click here to download the results for our Nedbank XC held on 20 June 2020: …

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The Rock and Rut Mountain Bike Club hit the ground running with humble beginnings in 1999.
It was founded by a few mountain bike enthusiasts.

The club has at its heart the aim to unite cyclists from all walks of life in the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, comradeship and Ubuntu.

The XC series is an exciting item on the club’s calendar which is hosted throughout the year and continues to cater for riders with different levels of skills and fitness.

The flagship event, The Otjihavera Challenge, attracts national and international riders who unite to transcend physical and mental boundaries.

Rock and Rut MTB club aims to develop mountain biking in the Land of the Brave, with the future focus of taking the sport to the masses and bridging the gap between social constructs such as gender.

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