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Social Rides

There are rides scheduled year-round for riders of all levels. If you’re looking for your first ride, or looking for a group to help improve, test your skills and fitness, or just a fun social group, join Windhoek Coffee Ride United for a ride.


Browse the mountain biking events calendar for upcoming mountain bike races, trail days and other nearby events. We have also provided a link to events happening in South Africa to keep things interesting.


Windhoek offers a vast array of cycling trails. From easy to advanced single track trails on Farm Windhoek and Avis Greenspace, to long gravel roads on Kupferberg and M53 at Kapps Farm. You can pick and chooose!

Single Track Trails
Mountain Bikers
Trees and plants
Go Green & Save our Planet

You can also help protect our environment by living a more sustainable lifestyle and/or donating your time and money for the cause. We only get one planet so lets work together to take care of it!

Keep in Touch

Be sure to follow us via social media to keep up with the latest sustainable tips and news.

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